The ‘Ron Paul Camp’ Marches On

‘Racism’ allegations ineffectual: In a post on the new “Daily Dose” blog hosted by the Ron Paul campaign, the message is very clear—Liberty is worth fighting for. Yet, the references to the U.S. Revolution of 1776 are intended not to incite a furor of anti-government violence. Rather, they are intended to promote a commitment to the cause of returning this country to its founding roots of a small federal government, the elimination of the IRS, a return to the gold standard, personal liberty, and a strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution.

Today’s blog posts on the Ron Paul site include:


  • Why Can’t We?
  • Some Giuliani staffers working for free?
  • The Gloves Come Off: Dr. Paul’s Best Debate Yet

Moreover, posted a powerfully written article by Trevor Lyman concerning the latest attacks against Dr. Paul in the media regarding the ridiculous accusations of bigotry. These attacks are based on the writings of former contributors to Dr. Paul’s newsletter who were, in fact, bigoted—but who were also not monitored by Dr. Paul (which he has repeatedly apologized for).

As the author of White Man in a Black Man’s World and a former Associate Pastor on the staff of a 4,000-member black church (and the first white minister ever on their staff), I can assure you I take this issue very seriously. Moreover, I am very satisfied with Dr. Paul’s repudiation of those small-minded articles, which occurred ten years ago. Dr. Paul has made it clear that such bigotry is not only anathema to his own way of thinking, but to the entire concept of libertarianism which he espouses. In fact, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks are two of Dr. Paul’s personal heroes, as he mentions in the following CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer:



With the previous issue now addressed, let me point out that I have a few of my own pro-Ron Paul blog posts that I think you will find very much worth the time to read (in my humble opinion). These include:

And, to a lesser extent, my articles regarding Mike Huckabee’s inconsistencies and faulty alliances are indirect endorsements of Ron Paul’s superior character, message, and track record:

Please take the time to avail yourselves of these blog posts to learn why so many Christians, non-Christians, and general lovers of the U.S. Constitution are flocking to this man’s campaign in droves.

Then, I encourage you to visit and consider being a part of making history as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday by breaking all contribution records again in support of Dr. Ron Paul’s campaign.

Soon, I plan to also post my own full-fledged “Why I Endorse Ron Paul” article detailing the many sound reasons why EVERY Christian should find Ron Paul’s candidacy appealing in the light of Scripture. Stay tuned.