Economics, Gold, and the Word of the Lord (Part 1)


Economics, Gold, and the Word of the Lord (Part 1)


It is amazing to me that so many people (especially Bible-believing Christians) living in the USA can be so unaware of the economic meltdown that is occurring around them. Even believers around on places of the globe are taking things too lightly—not realizing that the global economic “tsunami” that has already developed will soon affect them too.

What is even more confounding to me is that believers on the Lord Jesus Christ seem to be so insensitive to the biblical ramifications of these events. But then again, I was completely oblivious myself to the soon-disintegration of the USA’s “super-power” status—and its aftermath on the political and economic structures of the world—until the Lord Himself interrupted my ignorance to tell me what was about to transpire.

For the informed and devoted believer on the Lord Jesus Christ, however, these times ahead are not to be feared. Not only can a believer build their own proverbial “financial ark” like Noah did in his day to save himself and his family, but like Joseph in the Bible, this prophetic forewarning of the “famine” to come can become an opportunity to even profit. Christians can truly become “the head, and not the tail, above only, and not beneath,” but only if they position themselves as God directs (see Deuteronomy 28:1-13).

For the uninformed and/or unbelievers, however, a time of crisis is coming upon them that they will not be prepared to weather:

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. (Matthew 24:37-39, NIV)

Now, I am NOT saying this is the return of the Lord that is about to occur (although it draws closer by the day). Only rather, that similarities in people’s attitudes already prevail today even as it will then.

Those today who, like generations before them, are too busy with their sports events, choir practices, hobbies, and family outings, to take the time to discern what is going on around them economically (especially in the light of Scripture)… they will be like the proverbial “deer in the headlights of a Mack truck” when this financial disaster comes. The U.S. economic “Mack truck” is certainly blaring its horn loudly… so who will pay enough attention to get out of its way?

As PBS says of the hyper-inflation in 1923 Germany, “Most Germans were taken by surprise by the financial tornado.” Conversely, it is my hope that those who read this post (and its sequels) will not be similarly “blown away.”

Hello, Reality!

For me, November 24th, 2006 was a relaxing and prayerful Friday time. The U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday had just been the day before, and the Friday following is often referred to as the “busiest shopping day of the year” in the USA. However, I always sit out the sales frenzy (since crowded shopping malls are just not appealing to me). This year was no different.

So, with time to relax while the family was occupied with their own various activities, I sat down in my “prayer chair” recliner in the bedroom for some time with my Heavenly Father and His Word. Praying in the Spirit, it was only a short while before my world was shaken, as the Word of the Lord came to me strongly:

The U.S. dollar is about to collapse… followed by the stock markets, then the real estate markets… and then every other market.

The Lord then paused, while I sat in bewilderment. (I often wonder if that delay before He resumed His discourse was to give me a moment to recover from the first part’s impact… or to laugh silently at the dumfounded look on my face.) The Lord then continued:

This is the great End Time wealth transfer you have heard taught from the Scriptures these many years… and the shift in economic and political power from the United States to the European Union in preparation for the coming Anti-Christ.

He paused a short moment once again, but then instructed me:

Go find Peter Daniels’ gold bank.

Now before I explain this word, consider the context in which it came to me: There had been no Bear & Sterns bailout, Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, nor had Merrill Lynch been bought over the weekend by Bank of America. Wall Street was on a high, and it had no intentions of coming down right then.

The American International Group (AIG)—the world’s largest insurer—had not yet signaled trouble, nor had the FED bought about 80% of the company with an $85 billion “loan,” thereby nationalizing this global behemoth.

There had not been a dozen or more large banks shuttered, nor had Washington Mutual (aka, “WaMu,” the USA’s largest savings bank) gone belly up. In short, the terms “credit bubble” and “global crisis” were not in the vocabulary of the daily financial news reporters—nor were the Western Nations’ central banks pumping billions daily into the world’s Western economies trying to hold off the inevitable… a complete collapse of the U.S. dollar, world banking, equities, and real estate markets.

Further, the president had not yet requested bailout legislation from Congress (which as been renamed a “rescue plan” since the term “bailout” was not popular with the citizenry)—which if enacted effectually declares martial law on the US financial system and amounts to a form of modern fascism.

Nor had the Chinese government told its banks to stop lending money to US banks in an attempt to insulate them from the coming economic tsunami they see developing. (This means that Chinese government considers the USA banks no longer credit-worthy, and has turned off the multi-trillion dollar spigot to the USA financial sector… much like a US bank refuses to loan money to a business that is obviously sliding into bankruptcy.)

But like most people, I really had no idea about the systemic problems of the world’s Western economies. Now, I am not a stranger to receiving a direct Word of the Lord (not that it happens everyday, but that is the nature of prophetic ministry). However, I have to admit that this particular one has certainly been quite an eye-opener for me.


Moreover, I am not the only person who received such prophetic insight about this either. Without my asking the Lord to do so, He actually confirmed this word three times within about a week after I received it through three other prophetic people with which I had contact:

  • That very Sunday, the pastor whose church we attended when we were in Texas proclaimed boldly, “The U.S. dollar is going to collapse. The stock market is going to collapse. The real estate markets are going to collapse. Everything you know about global economics is about to change, so you better own gold and silver if you want to survive and thrive in the days to come.” I sat stunned in the congregation. He spoke almost verbatim what the Lord said to me directly.
  • The following Tuesday I was attending a Christian business luncheon when one of the prophets in attendance (who I know) shared, “The Lord has been dealing with me very strongly lately that the U.S. dollar is going to collapse, along with stock markets, real estate, and the banking system. He keeps emphasizing to me gold and silver, and I feel led of the Lord to share it with you gentlemen here today.” Again, I was stunned, because I had never heard him mention that previously. (That particular day, however, I decided to refrain from sharing what the Lord had told me only days before.)
  • That Friday night, I was at a home meeting where about 30 people had gathered from around the world to discuss ministry/business, and the move of God’s Spirit in the earth. One gentlemen, who I had not met before that night, asked if he could speak. Upon receiving the go-ahead from the host, he said, “I know I am out of turn here in the order we are sharing, but I feel strongly led of the Lord to share something right now. A few years ago the Lord showed me that the U.S. dollar was going to collapse, along with the stock markets, real estate markets, and the entire U.S. economic system.” (At this point I was obviously experiencing “deja vu all over again” like Yogi Beara once said.) This man then continued, “So I recommend that everyone look into obtaining gold and silver…[again, deja vu for me] and in moving your money into offshore banks to shield it from the US banking system collapse.”

This last part was a new addition to the thread of prophetic confirmation that the Lord had been feeding me up until that time and it is very much worth delving into…

Expanding My Comprehension

That night that I received this third confirmation, the Christian gentleman had admonished us, “…I recommend that everyone look into… moving your money into offshore banks to shield it from the U.S. banking system collapse.” Since that was a new addition to the original word I received and the other two confirmations the Lord already provided, it really caught my attention. Understandably, I pondered it heavily as I drove home that night. The Word of the Lord then came to me again saying, “You need to become an instant expert in international banking.”

Keep in mind, I knew NOTHING of international banking at that time (although I do have a background in business). The very concept of moving money around internationally had never even been a thought (much less a concern) of mine previously. Nevertheless, I “instantly” obeyed that word when I got home by ordering my first book on the subject off of, and thus my studies began.  Eventually, the scope of my research expanded to encompass all the related topics necessary to truly comprehend international banking: i.e. economics and real money (i.e. gold & silver) especially, then also foreign currencies, international trade and treaties, passports/travel/foreign residence, and several other related categories.

Now…I do not consider myself anywhere near an “expert” in these fields yet. However, I am several thousands of pages into my studies (not counting my Internet-based resources) and I already have several thousands more pages on my bookshelf waiting to be read. Consequently, I have at least moved past ignorance and into a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of the current economic collapse processes, and what to do to shield oneself from their effects. So what I share in these blog posts is not only truly prophetic, but pragmatic as well.

In evaluating this Word, there is thing that is helpful to understand about me: It is just not in my nature to simply tell you prophetically “what” is going on, and even the “why.” I am built by God to passionately pursue the “how to” that enables a believer to utilize these prophetic insights properly. Too many prophets (in my opinion) leave people hanging, “The Lord is going to do great things soon, and those who position themselves properly will prosper!” Then they leave, while the people wonder, “How do I get into position?”

Without the practicalities, such a prophesy can fail to equip the saints. The prophesy itself becomes either merely a placebo (i.e. worthless, but for making the person feel good about themselves), or a torment… because they do not know what to do.

Consequently, this is part of the reason why I waited so long to share this publicly—having actually received this word back in November of 2006. It takes quite a while to study thousands of pages of data. And if I am going to give you the biblical and practical application of the prophetic word, such insights take some time to fully study and develop.

Timing is Everything

Moreover, I actually did share this word shortly after receiving it  to a select group of ministers, friends, and businessmen that I am acquainted with personally. Like me, some of them had a hard time assimilating this message. An international businessman friend of mine even replied, “You will either go down in history as one of the greatest prophets of our day… or as a nut. One of the two.” (That is the way he saw it, anyway.)

This particular businessman’s example makes the point even clearer: Even though he has a global perspective and solid executive credentials, at that time he could just not see such a thing ever happening-especially on the “biblical proportions” scale that I was emphasizing.

However, just this last March (2008), this same man indicated that he had changed his position drastically when he confided, “You know, when you first told me about the coming collapse, I did not really fully accept it. I just could not imagine a global event of that magnitude. But lately, I have been seeing it’s formation being reported in the news almost daily… and I can certainly see that it is surely coming.”

Today’s news certainly seems to be softening the perspectives of many people. Thus, I am hopeful that there will be many who take this Word of the Lord (and its explanation) to heart—and act accordingly. Therefore, I feel it is time to get this word out publicly in a greater way.

So without any further ado, let’s delve into the specifics of this prophetic word, and the subsequent words I received that clarified it even further. Then we will cover the fundamentals of how to apply this word practically to your life, business, and ministry… even as the patriarch Joseph did thousands of years ago when he applied the interpretation to Pharaoh’s dreams within the economic systems of the land of Egypt.

Until the next post…

Blessings to you and all that is yours, as you follow Jesus, His Word, and His revealed Will, with all your heart.

In Jesus,

-Rich Vermillion


Continued in Part 2..


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