Christian Business Daily Endorses Ron Paul for President

In a highly contested race for president in the United States, the Christian vote is playing a powerful role in choosing the next Republican presidential candidate. While many eyes are on the religious give-and-take battle between Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, a surprising number of Christians are turning to the ONLY true Constitutionalist running in either party, Ron Paul.

Websites such as and the Christians4Paul blog are already proclaiming the 10-term Republican  Congressman’s biblical stances on issues such as abortion, judicial review, protection of personal liberties (such as freedom of religion and gun owners’ rights), and the such. Now another online Christian voice has added business and economics to the list of biblical issues Christians should consider when choosing their candidate. David G. Johnson of Christian Business Daily announced on February 4th that they are endorsing Ron Paul for president, saying:

Christian Business Daily has long stood for policy that is rooted in solid Biblical principles – sound stewardship of financial and other resources, rewards for fruitfulness and productivity, and environments that allow for enterprise to flourish without undue taxation or public theft masquerading as compassion. This is why our editorial team has chosen to support a presidential candidate in the Republican primaries, Ron Paul.

The reasons for our selection of Congressman Paul are numerous, but can be summarized by what we esteem in his personal character, ethics, integrity, consistent sound economic and monetary policy record, and his grasp of foundational concepts that promote the freedoms that were hard-won by the Founders and codified by the framers of the U.S. Constitution.

We recognize a number of disturbing trends within the ranks of so-called “conservatives” in recent history, including a near-Socialist commitment to furthering the creation of a paternal State promising its people health care and other entitlements traditionally supported by liberals. The field of Republican candidates in the current election cycle is dominated by supporters of unhealthy taxation and wealth redistribution schemes that fund unethical and immoral initiatives, promote dependence over personal responsibility, and contribute to the further degradation of liberty.

We recognize that it is only in a free society that we, as Christians and as businesspeople, will be able to live out our God-given individual purposes without ungodly restraint of over-intrusive government, without having our values and freedoms trampled upon, and without theft of our families’ resources – whether via direct taxation or through the creation of additional burdensome national debt.

Ron Paul, as a physician who has delivered over 4,000 babies, has taken as strong a pro-life stance as has any candidate for public office in the history of the debate over this issue. As a Congressman, he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the Constitution, to limited government, to individual freedom, to property rights, and to sound economic policy. His positions on issues facing our nation today are most closely aligned with what we believe to be the Biblical positions.

We recognize that there are questions regarding his ability to win the nomination of the Republican Party – particularly in light of the strong media spin which has virtually ignored his candidacy and his record-breaking support. We also recall from history the Presidential election of 1860, in which there were four strong Republican candidates for President. Abraham Lincoln was elected to the highest office in the land in a strongly-contested battle. He won only 39% of the popular vote.

We urge our readers to give thorough consideration to the field of candidates and cast their vote in favor of the liberty that made our nation great. Cast a vote for Ron Paul. 


In addition to the above mentioned Christian endorsements, the endorsement page has a growing number of pastors and Christian public figures adding their voices to the choir.

Ron Paul’s religious Conservatives list is also gaining ground in the Jewish community as well. Americans for Israel is strongly promoting his campaign, and others are becoming increasingly aware of his history of pro-Israel voting record. As Dr. Paul’s non-Interventionist foreign policy becomes more widely known, many Jewish and Christian Conservatives alike are switching their endorsements from other so-called ‘Conservative’ candidates. 


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