2008 Angel Award Winner!

I am extremely pleased to announce that my latest book, Angel Flight 44: A True Story, was listed today as a winner of the 2008 Silver Angel Award in print media.

2008 Angel Awards in print media winners

Excellence in Media, the organization which sponsors the Angel Awards, is dedicated to promoting quality media with family-friendly content. As the “About” page of their website explains:

We introduce Excellence in Media (EIM) to you as an organization dedicated to the promotion of quality family oriented programming in all facets of communication. It has been described as “the greatest, unique and caring media outreach in the world today.”
Our activities are varied and include internships for communication majors at universities, working with various community groups to increase the public awareness of and desire for better programming and organizing and producing annually the International Angel Awards.
Many countries enter each year in television, art, books, radio, stage plays, motion pictures, magazine articles, videos and other creative forms of communication.
Entries arrived from such far away places as Russia, Israel, Japan, the West Indies and Great Britain….These productions were professional and had the highest “moral, ethical or social impact.” Together we are making a better world with programming for families and children of all ages!

Angel Flight 44 is the remarkable account of the miraculous humanitarian relief missions flown in 2005 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. There are currently about 80,000 total copies of all editions in print, and now this revised edition of this adventure has won its first media award. I am truly blessed by all that the Lord has done… through the actual flight missions in 2005, and now through this book ever since.

A True Story

The honor I feel as the writer of this book cannot be expressed in words. However, the following citation from the Angel Awards History page might shed a bit of light as to what an achievement this actually is:

Excellence in Media is a California-based 501C3 organization dedicated to the promotion of quality family oriented programming in all facets of communication by means of the Angel Awards and several other auxiliary programs…. The Awards are backed by a national network of volunteer judges from groups such as the American Women in Radio and Television, National Association of Broadcasters, Women in Film, The Philanthropic Educational Organization, The Greater Los Angeles Press Club, The National Association for Family and Community Education, Women in Film, Hollywood Women’s Press Club, Palm Springs Women Press Club, Pacific Pioneer Broadcasting and the America Association of University Women….
“Our aim is simple and straightforward,” says Mary Dorr, President of Excellence in Media and founder of the Angel Awards. “That aim is to encourage the media to turn out more real, positive and even objective messages that inspire and raise peoples awareness a few levels”. The media can reach millions–and not only here but also abroad and the time of cookie cutter or formula scripts are past its fascination period. “Our media is our showcase mirror. Excellence in Media stands for non-toxic entertainment–media for all ages, the kind that raises our spirits and contributes to the meaningful and enlightening examination of our lives.”…
The recipients of the Gold and Silver Angels are people in any form of the media who have successfully contributed to the advancement of quality in life without the unnecessary need for violence, profanity and sexual content to sell to their audience. Today, the highly visible Angel Awards–while not the only project of this organization–are, by far, the largest undertaking of EIM. Excellence in Media stresses that it is a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian volunteer organization cutting across all demographic strata and all forms of media.

I want to especially thank two of my wonderful editors/proofers—Donna Vermillion and Linda Richardson—for their skilled efforts and support. Of course, Donna is my wife and her support transcends that of anyone else in this project 😉 Also, Kelly Majors certainly did an awesome job on that cover design!

Most of all, I have to praise my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who made everything possible: The original adventure that the book details, my connection with Glen, the interviews, the writing of this book (truly a labor of love), sales of all editions… and now this award. Thank you Lord! From the very start, this has always been your adventure… which you generously privileged us all to share.