The Economic Tsunami is Coming (Move to Higher Ground Quickly)

At first glance, the economic news today seems quite confusing. The United States’ economic fundamentals are indicating that a major disaster is looming on the near horizon. The nation debt is soaring even as the FED inflates the money supply and injects new capital in its failing banking system.

While much of the mainstream media talks about the $700 billion “bailout package” passed by Congress (to this nation’s detriment), few are noticing the nearly $440 billion per DAY that is being pumped into the U.S. banking system outside of that “package” in order to prop up the failing system. With the U.S. financial system now essentially nationalized, bankruptcies rising, mortgage defaults soaring, real estate markets rapidly falling, and the DOW down over 5,000 point from its high just a year ago—major economic collapse in surely eminent.

Yet in spite of the historical tendency for the prices of strategic commodities such as gold, silver, and oil to rise in the midst of such an economic turmoil, they are actually plunging in advance of the economic disaster that is sure to come. What is up with this? And why are so many financial experts yet saying this trend will reverse BIG… and very soon? The answer, my friends, can be found in the very term often used to describe the catastrophe to come: An Economic Tsunami.

In studying the natural phenomena of a tsunami wave, you will quickly discover that the waters near the shoreline of “ground zero” actually recede in advance of the coming waves. This tendency is due to the fact that the coming tsunami waves are literally feeding themselves with the waters closer to shore, even as they grow in size and intensity as they close toward the coast. As the following animation both explains and demonstrates, the receding waters are not to be interpreted as mere curiosities… but rather, warning signs of the disaster that is to soon come:

It is interesting to note that the above scientific explanation warns that tsunamis come in several waves. In a similar way, the coming economic tsunami will come in several waves and bring tremendous destruction to the U.S. (and thus, global) economic and banking systems.

Moreover, just like was explained concerning a natural tsunami occurrence in the video, the coming economic tsunami is building strength. My friends, it is time to run for “high ground” by buying up all the silver and gold you can locally at these amazingly reduced prices, and to quickly build your own “financial ark” in preparation for what is to soon come. The following articles will help you find your bearings in these confusing times, and provide you with additional focus and clarity on what paths to quickly follow to safety:

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I will be writing more on these topics later, but I am currently in the middle of a major ministry project. However, in the light of the current economic trends and “signs” of the coming tsunami, I had to take a few minutes away from the other project to write this quick warning for your benefit.

Please do NOT delay to take action quickly. The economic “tsunami” is surely coming, and the current trends in gold/silver prices give you an excellent opportunity to build your own “financial ark” in preparation for what is just a short time away. My family and I—and many of our friends—have already built our “arks”… and we continue to add “more room” to them daily. I emphatically urge you to do the same, in all haste, even as Noah did:

By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family. (Hebrews 11:7, NIV)

My brothers and sisters: Be “moved with holy fear” (i.e. not an immobilizing terror, but a sober realization of what is going on coupled with a strong sense of self-preservation). Quickly start building your own “financial arks” without delay. And may God bless you and all that is yours as you follow Him, and both pursue and act on wisdom speedily with all your heart.

In Jesus,