Rich Vermillion Launches a New VIDEO Blog Homepage

Rich and Donna Vermillion are pleased to announce that (primarily a text-based article website) will now be joined on the Internet by This new blog expands the Vermillion family’s outreach into video in order to enable people to experience regular teaching via this modality-rich communication medium. The website includes:

  • Periodic video Bible studies that simulate small home-group sessions
  • High-quality delivery through a global Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • A responsive design and video player that scales to your device’s capabilities
  • Future full-production videos (demonstrated now in the website’s Welcome and Introductory Teaching videos) that provide in-depth instruction in a wide array of subjects (e.g., theology, logic, economics, business, politics, apologetics, etc.)

Additional information about the website, the project’s future development and current status, is presented within the two Welcome and Introductory Teaching Videos, as well as in the most recent “Project Update” visible on the site’s homepage. Please see those pages/videos for further details. Be sure also to subscribe to the other website in order to receive automated notices when new content has been published.

Updates to the website will be forthcoming soon, to include new articles, as Rich and Donna Vermillion continue to gear up for expanded ministry in 2017.