Why I, as a Christian Woman, Support Donald Trump (by Donna Vermillion)


Why I, as a Christian Woman,

Support Donald Trump

by Donna Vermillion


On the left, Megyn Kelly is shown in a cropped excerpt from her sleezy GQ photoshoot. On the right is Donald Trump, as if he is pondering her hypocrisy.

On the left, Megyn Kelly is shown in an excerpt from her sleazy GQ photo-shoot. (NOTE: The picture was downloaded from the Internet and cropped by Donna Vermillion in order to keep things “rated G” on this website.) On the right is Donald Trump, as if he is pondering her hypocrisy in implying during the first 2015 Fox News “debate” that he treats women like objects.

I find Donald Trump to be a very intriguing man. To be frank, I never really gave him much thought until recently. Moreover, I did not really take his candidacy very seriously at first. Morality-wise, the fruit I have seen in him over the years has been far from Christ-like. I have never seen even one of his “Apprentice” episodes. I did not know much about his real estate ventures, except that I knew from the news that he had casinos in Atlantic City at one time, and about the Trump Towers in New York and in Panama. (My husband and I and our children have lived in Central America, so Panama stands out to us.)

Frankly, there is a lot about Trump I did not know until recent weeks. Interestingly, much of what I have seen has been diametrically opposite of anything I ever thought of him as being. I have researched him and his views and, to my surprise, cannot find any major political issues with which I disagree. Every time I think, “Well, I agree with him on that point, but what does he have to say about…,” I once again discover that we are on the same side.

So here I am, a Christian, agreeing with (so far) every presidential objective this seemingly un-Christian man presents. Although he says that he is a Protestant, I have to believe that he is an unsaved one, based on his apparent track record of such things as being loose with women. The danger is that some people think they are Christian by default, simply because they are not Muslim or some other religion. But it is very clear in the Scriptures, that unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Christianity is more than just NOT being anything else. It requires a decision TO become one through faith in the finished work of the cross, and by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord. It is a turning away from sin and a turning towards the only true and living God by acknowledging that we are hell-bound sinners in need of the Savior who died for us. It is the receiving of what Jesus did for us on the Cross and committing to live for Him, no matter how hard it is on our flesh. (For more information, click here to download Rich’s FREE mp3 series called “The Fundamentals of the REAL Gospel.”)

Although I am not sure that Donald Trump has ever decisively made Jesus the Lord of his life, I have seen something about his heart by observing his current views. There is a somewhat curious repentance that seems to have taken place in his life—a dramatic shifting away from the ungodly liberal ideologies, and a determination to further Christian-friendly policies. Simply put, if not born again, Mr. Trump’s heart does seem to be steered by the Lord. When he changes his view about a matter, it seems to be because of a realization on his part that his former paradigm was simply wrong. From what I can tell, his switching of positions has nothing whatsoever to do with politics and everything to do with conscience.

Trump’s “Tone” Towards Women

What about his “negative” comments concerning women that certain female news anchors love to bring up? Why would I want to vote for such a guy? I look beyond the dart-like questions they fire at him and listen to the man’s answers, whereby I understand the rest of the report. I am observant enough to see through the viewer-manipulation techniques as I strive to be truly “fair and balanced” concerning the whole story.

I understand, for example, that although a woman during a deposition with him was wanting to leave the room to pump breast milk for her newborn baby, Trump understood her to mean that she was going to do it in front of him. So now we can see why he allegedly said that she was disgusting and lashed out at her with a belligerently defensive tone. She was understandably hurt by the incident, but couldn’t she have been more tactful on her end? Maybe she could have just insisted on being excused for a few minutes and kept things in generalities, rather than mentioning her breasts and a pump and triggering a knee-jerk reaction and some insensitive words on Trump’s part. Not that it is always a valid excuse, but why do people expect a man from Brooklyn to respond to such situations with a southern-hospitality-type of tone? He is from New York, not Georgia.

Perhaps he does owe the woman an apology (with a southern accent, of course). I don’t know. I wasn’t there.  What I do know is that there is a massive push to dig for dirt on Trump, even to the point of sometimes manufacturing dirt, just to have something against him. However, those with hidden, wicked agendas primarily seem to find things that are insignificant that have no bearing on his capability to function well in the highest office of the land. Moreover, I have read some very complimentary things that he has said about women, such as Sarah Palin. But that just is not news-worthy enough, I guess.

What about Megyn Kelly, whom he described as having blood “coming out of her eyes” and “coming out of her…wherever,” concerning her demeanor during the GOP presidential “debate” (or better yet, inquisition) a few days ago? When a thinking person evaluates the situation for themselves and cuts out all the unhelpful media middlemen, they can deduce that Trump wasn’t talking about Kelly’s menstrual cycle. For crying out loud. He was referring to COMBAT. And she fired the first shot! It is important to note that she brought up his referring to some women as “pigs.” In light of the recent discovery of her disgusting 2010 interview with Howard Stern (WARNING: this hyperlinked Newsweek article contains vulgar content) along with the whorish pictures of her posing for GQ magazine years ago (also vulgar!), she ironically fits the “piggish” definition spoken about in Proverbs:


As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout,
So is a lovely woman who lacks discretion.

(Proverbs 11:22, NKJV)

In other words, as many people have already noted, it is quite hypocritical for Megyn Kelly to come at Donald Trump with guns blazing concerning his alleged tendency to demean women, while she herself has proven herself to be a morally “piggish” woman in her own life. No wonder she was so offended by the “pig” reference. It was hitting home with her, as her personal history is one of wallowing in the mire.

It was obvious that all three of the Fox News “moderators” (inquisitors) of the event were targeting Trump, continually trying to entrap him, rather than conducting a genuine presidential debate. Furthermore, why was his “tone” questioned ONLY with regard to how he speaks to some women? He seems to insult men just as often whenever they attack him. As others have noted, Trump is an equal opportunity provocateur when it comes to responding to those who insult or attack him, regardless of their gender.

Moreover, why are people wanting Trump to apologize for his “blood” comment when he has repeatedly said that what they are accusing him of implying, did not even enter his mind when he made the statement? And why are some people harping on Megyn Kelly’s “emotions” when there are FAR more critical issues, such as baby body parts being sold by abortionists and people being murdered by illegal immigrants, that need to be confronted? Many viewers noticed that the “debate” rarely touched on bona fide issues, but instead seemed more like a panel of prosecutors grilling certain candidates—particularly Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, unfortunately, there are still many others who refuse to do their own due diligence concerning the issues today. Such people blindly believe whatever the news media spoon-feeds them in sound bites. Too few question how “fair and balanced” even Fox News might really be.

Photo credit: NY Daily News

Photo credit: NY Daily News

Most people agree that Trump’s popularity was the primary cause of the record-breaking 24-million viewers of the debate. I certainly have no question that this was the case. I, for one, was one of the people who watched it just to see him. If he had not attended, I would not have cared less about it.

Yes, he is very blunt and rude at times. But he has had years of combat experience in the business realm (and now in the political arena). From what I have observed, he has lived a life wherein he needed to constantly stand his ground and fight in order to overcome opposition to his many business projects. Because of his misconstrued temperament, some individuals even seem to be afraid that if he were to become the President, then he would be dropping bombs on every country that disagrees with us. However, a person does not get to be worth over $10 billion by being an out-of-control, loose cannon. On the contrary, I believe he has the kind of personality that would make a great Commander-in-Chief. The last thing we need is a soft-spoken, socially-polite President who will not act on anything for fear of “offending” people, or one who smiles to our faces but stabs the American people in the back behind closed doors. We have certainly had enough of that over the years, have we not? It is time to put a stake in the heart of “political correctness.” It is time to get things straightened out in Washington, D.C. and with American interests around the world.

We need… the TRUMPINATOR.

God’s Man for the Hour?

Trump-The Art of the Deal Smaller

RICH VERMILLION’S NOTE: You cannot possibly understand Donald Trump unless you read his 1987 book, “The Art of the Deal.” It is a fascinating read without a single boring moment. You will think that it was written last year because he is exactly the same today. The book contains his biography, so you can know what influences shaped his character. It also explains his attitude toward business, so you can finally know what he means when he uses terms like “negotiation,” “leverage” (which is NOT bank debt to him), putting good people in charge of things, and making a “deal,” etc. You will also learn how big a heart the man has. For those on a limited budget, the Kindle eBook edition costs very little, and there are used copies available too (last time that I checked). So get a copy of this best-selling book today by clicking on the book cover image above. Whether you love him or hate him, once you read this enjoyable book you will at least finally understand him. – R.V.


For the most part, the American people are smart enough to know a true leader when they see one. They also recognize when there is an absence of such leadership. I have been completely unengaged from national politics for several years. I was so disgruntled that I had set my sights on Texas (where I and my family live) seceding from the Union. I wanted to be a citizen of Texas and forget the United States existed.

Waiting for the Obama term to end has been almost as bad as Chinese water torture for the average U.S. citizen. But then, what would be next? Who would be next? As far as leadership for this country, particularly concerning the executive branch, the fear of the unknown enters the picture as we look at the past. We ponder upon how we have had to endure year after year of pitiful candidate choices picked by the “establishment” (i.e., the elite power-brokers). Decent people like Ron Paul, who drew massive crowds, were ignored by the news media (including Fox News’ “debate” co-inquisitors, Christ Wallace and Bret Baier). Such people fought to get their message out, but were bullied out of the game by the “establishment” and their media cronies.

So Donald Trump is like a breath of fresh air to me, politically. He has proven that he cannot be “ignored,” nor will he ever let anyone “bully” him out of the race for President of the United States. I really believe that God is going to use this man to bring genuine, positive change to this nation that we have not seen in a long time. Why? Because he will not have someone behind the scenes pulling his strings, telling him when to open his mouth and what to say or do. It is obvious to me that he is going against the plan of political creepdom. He is a man with a backbone who will not only take office (if elected), but take charge and lead once he is in there.

I do believe that he is most likely unsaved, and he certainly needs our prayers (and has the prayers of our family). But frankly, he is the best choice that we have right now to reform how our government works. He is simply the best candidate that we have had in a LONG time. (And again, I had not even taken him seriously until recently.)
Here are TEN reasons WHY I, as a Christian woman, plan to vote for him, despite his controversial comments (most of which have been blown way out of proportion anyway):
  1. He has voiced fervent concern for the decapitation of Christians and, in an interview with Bill O’Reilly, has openly stated that there is a Muslim problem. (It is certainly not “politically correct” to call out the Muslims, but he did it anyway). Trump told O’Reilly, “I don’t notice Swedish people knocking down the World Trade Center,” although he also does NOT see all Muslims as terrorists.
  2. He has voiced a determination to de-fund Planned Parenthood, even to the point of shutting down the government if necessary.
  3. He has shown a genuine concern for our veterans, even to the point of loaning a veteran organization in New York his OWN helicopter, while also donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to them. (Have you ever seen televangelist Kenneth Copeland, who claims to be a “minister,” do such a thing with ANY of his aircraft? I didn’t think so.)
  4. He has a plan to secure our border by building walls where necessary. He even intends to make the Mexican government pay for it by forcing them into negotiations and using economic leverage in order to get them to fund it. He is determined to put a stop to the drugs and criminals freely coming into this country, while at the same time is willing to have a “big beautiful door” in the wall to let legitimate immigrants into the country.
  5. He is pro-traditional marriage, and I am confident he will fight for the rights of Christians who, for conscience sake, refuse to decorate cakes for Sodom-and-Gomorrah “weddings.”
  6. Trump has enough money to not need any outside financial backing. Consequently, he cannot be bought by deep-pocketed special interest groups and other billionaires.
  7. Although he can be over the top at times with the insults, his consistent exposure of corrupt politicians is not only refreshing but necessary to “clean house”—especially the White House. Why in the world do people think that we can elect a “fighter” to make changes in Washington, D.C., but then expect that person to be “nice” all of the time to everyone? (Even Jesus was NOT always “nice” to everyone—and He even called people derogatory names!)
  8. He wants to obliterate Obamacare. Yet, he still wants to take care of the people who cannot afford health insurance by working deals with hospitals, etc. He has a heart for the poor and wants to help them, and has shown evidence of such behavior in his own personal actions in donating to people who were in need of help.
  9. He has already shown presidential-type of action to help this country, doing such things as meeting with the families of those who have had loved ones killed by illegal immigrants. Frankly, he has already been far more “presidential” in his demeanor than our current President.
  10. He is a bulldog who cannot be bullied around by the “powers that be” behind the scenes. He does not need a political career, so he is not trying to win political favor from anyone. THAT enables me to trust him more than any of the others, especially Mike Huckabee.

One thing that makes a good leader is having a heart to take care of the people he is leading. I see that in Trump. From protecting the lives of the unborn to taking care of our veterans, I do believe he is the man for the hour for this country.

Would I trust him to pastor a church? No way! Would I trust him with this country? At the moment, I can honestly say yes.

Donna Vermillion

RICH’S NOTE: Donna has written a sequel to this article entitled, The “Model” First Lady: What to Expect of Melania Trump. Click the link to view that article in a new browser window.