The “Model” First Lady: What to Expect of Melania Trump


The “Model” First Lady

What to Expect of Melania Trump

by Donna Vermillion


Donald Trump and Melania in the spin room after a debate

Melania Trump listens to Donald after a debate. Photo: Bizuayehu Tesfaye / Zuma Press: Source

Donald Trump has incited a revolt against what has been the “political elite” in the United States for decades. He cannot be bought. He cannot be coerced into dropping from the race and going away. He also cannot stand the thought of losing. So he continues to be the proverbial “monkey-wrench” in the plans of the “establishment” politicians.

Consequently, the enthusiasm emanating from his loyal supporters is nothing short of electric. He seems incapable of doing anything small, including his campaign meetings, which effortlessly dwarf those of all his competitors.

He has done an excellent job of name-branding. Even his followers have caught the “branding bug.” For example, they encourage others to climb aboard the “Trump Train” with them to support his candidacy for President. Even his private Boeing 757 jet has been dubbed “Trump Force One” by those of us who mentally skip right past our current President and simply see our guy as the obvious replacement (who cannot come soon enough). Some supporters have also had an amusing habit of doing such things as digitally forcing unassuming bystanders to sport one of his “Make-America-Great-Again” baseball caps within their once-Trumpless personal photographs. Here is just one example posted for you below and to the right.

Bushes Wear Make America Great Again Hats

In short, it seems that the vast majority of the American public wants real change, and those who “get it” see Mr. Trump as the one who can make it happen. To them, he is the only current presidential candidate who can lead America into being “great again.” He vehemently pledges to do such things as create jobs (something he is obviously very good at) and to secure our southern border with a REAL wall (something he would be very good at building since he’s put up numerous skyscrapers already). He plans to abolish and replace Obamacare, take care of our neglected veterans (which he has done personally numerous times), and to simplify our tax system (his tax filing stacks to the ceiling every year, so he knows about that too). Very importantly, he also wants to stop government funding of abortion and make our military so strong that we will rarely need to use it.

(You can read his currently published positions by clicking here. Be sure to also watch for the new ones coming out soon.)

All of this sounds great, and with his track record of being able to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time, all of these things are very plausible under a President Trump.

A Word to Professing Christians

Before I proceed into my topic further, however, I need to note that there is one thing that evangelicals must realize about presidential elections. Although it is not impossible, it is unreasonable to expect a radical Christian (i.e., my kind of folk) to make it to the White House. As my husband, Rich Vermillion, says, “Unless a major revival sweeps across this nation first, there are simply not enough hard-core Christians voting in our country to get a fervent Christian candidate elected to the presidency. Besides this, it is critical to understand that revivals begin with the Body of Christ doing its jobs of prayer, evangelizing, and discipleship. Revivals do not start with political movements. All that we believers need is a President who favors Christians enough to stay out of our way so that we can fulfill The Great Commission. But even without that helpful context, we just need to get to work and win souls in the name of Jesus Christ!”

While Rich’s point rings true, there are politicians who have nonetheless run “religious” campaigns in this and previous election cycles. Unfortunately, many of those leaders who have pushed the Christian-fish theme the hardest have turned out to be nothing more than hypocritical liars and wolves in sheep’s clothing, seeking to use and abuse evangelicals for their own selfish gain.

In contrast, although Trump claims to be a Christian, his sometimes sand-paper-like personality completely obliterates the notion of his falling into the “wolf” category, since his outward appearance is not very…well…sheepy.

I, for one, like that about him. Here is why. Mr. Trump cannot be accurately accused of being a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” since he is not really trying to act like a sheep. As many people say, Trump is Trump.

Frankly, those who wear religious piety like a garment while they ask for your vote (and/or donation) are the ones who you need to be watching closely.

Therefore, the main area for concern to look for in a leader is whether or not that person shows signs of hypocrisy—something for which Jesus sternly rebuked the religious leaders of His day. Outwardly they are one thing, playing the role of a godly standard for morality, while inwardly they are nothing short of devilish. The most common segment within society where such things occur is in the religious community. In the Bible, Christians are described as “sheep,” and Jesus is the Good Shepherd lovingly leading and guiding His flock. Literal sheep are not very bright and can easily be led astray, which magnifies the importance of having a trustworthy shepherd to follow.

Therefore, we cannot blindly trust any leader, especially a politician, who has a habit of praising his or her own morality to the crowd and wearing his religion on his sleeve. Beware! Wolves know what evangelicals want to hear. Once in a while, you might even get a peek behind the wool and see the true personality—the ravenous enemy who encouraged you to trust him. If you look closely enough, you will see at least some evidence of bad fruit below the religious facade. If hypocrisy is there, you cannot trust the person.

My husband and I loved Ron Paul, not only because of his policies, but also because he was real. Finally, we believe we have found another transparent candidate in Donald Trump. How do we know that? Because he does not even try to be politically correct at all. He is not scripted. He frustrates the “establishment” elite at every turn. He has no problem remembering what he said to the last crowd because he relays the same policy statements everywhere he goes. At the same time, he does seem to have a genuine heart for God and for the Christian community, as well as a love for our country.

But…What About Mrs. Trump?

Although most of the limelight is, for good reason, on Donald, questions about his wife naturally arise—the questions which many Christian Trump supporters do not want to think about—”Does Melania Trump have what it takes to be the next First Lady of the United States? How will she conduct herself in such a role? How will she…um…dress?”

Unfortunately, the infamous and provocative (even borderline pornographic) photographs of the billionaire’s wife, taken over a decade ago, are what she seems to be most known for among the evangelical community. It is as if many Christians are concerned that in such a position (which tends to call for professional attire), Melania will show up to an event in a bikini and embarrass us all. Understandably, professing Christians have strong objections to such pictures that they would be ashamed to show their children.

As a Christian myself, I am not at all excusing Melania’s risqué photography sessions, and I have to say that some of the dresses she has worn have compelled me to want to toss her a sweater. Moreover, just as I would never trust Donald Trump to pastor a church (as I stated in my article entitled, Why I, As a Christian Woman, Support Donald Trump), I would not expect her to be an exemplary Christian to which other women can turn for biblically-sound spiritual advice.

However, my objective with this article is to encourage the reader to look beyond the photos and to revisit the question, “Who is Melania Trump?” After all, with her husband dominating in the polls, and in the Republican delegate count, there is a very high likelihood of her becoming our next First Lady. With that said, we might as well get to know her better.

Melania Trump entertains Ted & Heidi Cruz's girls at an event.

Melania Trump entertains Ted & Heidi Cruz’s girls at a debate.

So what else (beyond the photos) do we know about former model, Melania Trump? Her husband says that she has a big heart and is always helping people. From what I understand, Trump’s children encouraged him to marry her because she was so nice. These are the facets of her personality that blogs and social media often neglect, but such qualities do sound very “First Lady-ish.”

My intention here is not to try to turn Mrs. Trump’s image into that of June Cleaver. But it has become apparent to me that since the birth of her one and only child almost ten years ago, that she seems to have become more conservative in her demeanor as the years have progressed. She seems to have even acknowledged this herself. When asked about how she would conduct herself as First Lady of the United States, she said that she would be “traditional,” similar to Betty Ford (minus the drinking problem, of course) or Jackie Kennedy (which is easier for me to envision).

A Devoted Wife and Mother

Melania Trump “stands by her man” and seems content with him being in the forefront while she holds the fort at home, cheering him on as she watches him on television. She was apparently very much of a homebody before meeting Donald and seemed to have returned to that type of life since entering the wonderful world of motherhood. I can certainly relate to that, having four (still-growing) children of my own to care for. I appreciate her diligence to make sure her son is not raised by others, unlike so many rich and famous parents.

Someone once told me, “Royalty do not raise their own children. You need help.” At the time, we were far from wealthy and we only had one child. This advice was really out of left field, yet the woman who gave it to me was an expert in her own mind. I thought, “Well, I’m going to raise MINE.” She and her husband were better off financially and had rubbed shoulders with numerous famous celebrities. In their minds, they were “royalty” and were prepping us to one day be the same ourselves, I guess. The Trumps, on the other hand, are far wealthier than that couple. Yet, Melania is aware that her son needs more than a babysitter. He needs a mother.

AP Photo/Elise Amendola: Source

Photo: AP Photo/Elise Amendola: Source

Most would not think of a billionaire’s wife taking her son to his ball games or making his breakfast in the morning. But this is a woman who actually wants to raise her child, rather than leaving him with the “best nannies” that money can buy. She understands her son’s need for true parenthood, which cannot be sporadic. Simply put, Melania faithfully backs her husband and diligently pours her life into being a real mother to their son. As a mother myself, I respect that very much.

Beyond the family life, Melania has also been actively involved in various charities, including the American Red Cross, the Boys Club of New York, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the Police Athletic League. She has an obvious love and affection for children, which perhaps has been manifested even more so since the birth of their son, Barron.

Intelligent, Quick, and Confident

Despite the mocking comedian skits about Melania that question her intelligence, she is actually quite bright. Anyone who can fluently speak as many languages as she can—five to be exact—is no dummy. She is also quick on her feet during interviews and knows how to handle the tough questions with confidence and courage. Intelligence is obviously a necessary quality for a First Lady to have, and based on what I have witnessed with her, Melania certainly fits the bill.

When the liberal, Joy Behar, pushed and prodded Melania in a 2011 interview concerning Donald’s persistence to see proof related to Obama’s place of birth, Mrs. Trump stayed calm and dignified as she boldly stated, “It’s not just Donald who wants to see it [i.e., Obama’s REAL birth certificate, not the phony Hawaiian one]. It’s the American people who voted for him and who didn’t vote for him. They want to see that.”

Melania exhibited great self-control and maturity. Meanwhile, Joy continued to get hotter under the collar, eventually saying with great irritation, “Well, I think he [Donald] should give it up, personally!”

Melania was immovable and professional as she endured dart after dart from that Obama-supporting Liberal. I personally think that is exactly the kind of First Lady we need—one who will square off against the media stars who tend to harbor their favorite “politically-correct” establishment politicians.

As I have observed Mrs. Trump and how she has conducted herself in interviews and, in a limited way, on the campaign trail, I see in her strength, intelligence, endurance, courage, and dignity. From her kind demeanor to her professional attire, I see a woman who is not only smart but knows how to conduct herself wisely in a very public role. I see a woman who, like her controversial-yet-popular husband, passionately loves the United States of America. I see a woman who is genuine and does not wear a forced smile for the camera, like some other First-Lady hopefuls have a tendency to do. I see a woman who, like her husband, is not interested in political advantage for herself, but actually wants to help America.

So, assuming she will soon be in such a position, how would I describe the “model” First Lady, Melania Trump?

Simply put, she will be the perfect compliment to a President Donald Trump. Not only have all my concerns about her been relieved, but I am now actually enthused about the prospect of seeing her in the White House.

Melania, you will do great. I am confident your husband already agrees that you will. So this quote from Proverbs seems to suit you very well:

The heart of her husband safely trusts her;
So he will have no lack of gain.
She does him good and not evil
All the days of her life. (Proverbs 31:11-12, NKJV)

– Donna Vermillion


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  1. Am disappointed to see that the Vermillion’s have drunk the Donald Trump Kool-Aid. For me, Proverbs 25:19 “trumps” Proverbs 31:11-12 in this situation.

    • Gerry,

      I am glad you considered these issues important enough to comment upon them. However, I’m very disappointed that you decided to rely upon fallacies, false accusations, and a misapplied Scripture, in order to make your point. Let’s start with the first category:


      This first graphic explains why your errors in reasoning are bad.

      The following TWO graphics explain the single most obvious fallacy to which you resorted:

      Simply put, you resorted to childish name-calling rather than presenting a cogent counter-argument. While your demonstrated behavior may be understandable with respect to (poorly raised) children on a playground, it has no place within adult conversation. You have to first PROVE that your accusations are RELEVANT and TRUE before attempting to use them as the basis of your argument. You failed to do that, and instead, proved yourself irrational by using a childish fallacy.

      The following graphics illustrate your next key fallacy:

      “Begging the question” (aka “circular reasoning”) is evident in your comment by the fact that you ASSUME things that must be PROVEN, and then use those errant assumptions (which, frankly, CANNOT be proven) as the “foundation” for your comment/argument. In essence, you erroneously assumed:

      (1) …things about Donna and I that are NOT true, and thus, these are instances of false accusation against us; (This is a sin, by the way: Ex. 20:16; Ephesians 4:17-27; Revelation 21:8, etc.).

      (2) You assumed things about Donald and/or Melania Trump that are ALSO factually untrue (which again, is a sin when you spread such slander).

      (3) You falsely assumed (based up #2 above) that the Scripture you quoted applied to Donald Trump. So let’s look at the passage you quoted next.

      Misapplied Scripture:

      ** Proverbs 25:19 19 Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a bad tooth and a foot out of joint.

      The Hebrew word translated as “an unfaithful man” in the passage above is Strong’s #898 “bagad” (בָּגַד). As the following Genesius’ Lexicon entry demonstrates, it refers mainly to someone who acts “covertly” because they cover their true intent.

      This word CANNOT apply to Donald Trump because he’s the most open and “real” candidate running for president today — perhaps ever! He speaks his mind in such a candor that political pundits predicted MANY TIMES he would self-destruct, but yet, he has just kept on going. Stated another way: While his opponents have taken his statements out of context and twisted them many times (which is not only dishonest, but also fallacious), they have NEVER proven that he’s concealing a hidden agenda or covering his true beliefs. If anything, Donald Trump wears his opinions on his sleeves, which is the exact OPPOSITE of what this Hebrew word implies. Best yet, Trump has a long track record of success & policy views that proves the validity of MOST his campaign pledges. Even his pro-life pledge is rooted in over a dozen years of constant repetition of his changed view, even when attacked over the issue by Liberals.

      Thus, in order for your quoted passage to APPLY, you would first have to PROVE that the most transparent and well-known person running for president is somehow “hiding” something. You may BELIEVE that, but you cannot ever PROVE it, because facts undermine such a thesis (which again, would be a fallacy of assumption or “begging the question,” which is why I explained your fallacies before discussing your quoted passage). Even the “debate champion,” Ted Cruz, has only proven to be a liar as he misrepresents The Donald’s positions (and even co-ops his policies and statements as if they were his own! LOL!).

      Of course, the rest of the passage explains by analogy that relying upon such a person “in times of trouble” is like trying to put weight (i.e., misplacing one’s trust) on a sprained ankle, or trying to chew with a bad tooth. Indeed, such a person causes a type of “pain” like the metaphor implies.

      That said, it is BECAUSE we live in times of great trouble that Donna and I have CHOSEN to support Donald Trump for president! So stated another way, the VERY passage you quotes actually SUPPORTS OUR DECISION by reminding us what would happen if we chose ANOTHER candidate! So thank you for sharing it with us because you just made our point nicely. 😉

      Let me also note that NO passage of the Bible “trumps” another, given the fact that God’s Word never self-contradicts. While your statement may have been an attempt to make a cute pun, the result is a theological absurdity. So I suggest you also read my article, True Doctrines ≠ Contradictions. Yes, all passages of the Bible need to be properly applied, as your misuse of your passage shows. But that is not a “trumping” of another passage. So try to get your verbiage straight in this regard.

      False Accusations:

      Let me also note that it is VERY APPARENT to me that you have NOT read (at least not carefully read) the article that Donna wrote before this one about our reasons for supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy for President of the United States. I say this because of your obvious false assumptions, as I just outlined above.

      Hence, let me suggest that BEFORE attempting to reply to this response of mine, that you ALSO read what Donna wrote in her article Why I, as a Christian Woman, Support Donald Trump. In order to substantiate her points, she provided NUMEROUS links to other sources within the body of the text. SO if she makes a point with which you do not agree, please do your due diligence to see why she made that point by clicking on the links and reading the material to which it points. I also provided NUMEROUS comments under that article of hers, complete with videos and other links, in order to add further points. I suggest that you read through those too because it is important to ensure that you fully understand our reasoning before attempting to critique it.

      Be advised that if you return to this thread without having done what I just suggested, any further comments of yours are likely to reveal your continued ignorance of our points and the subjects at hand. Moreover, further demonstration of fallacies (particularly childish name-calling) will cause me to conclude that you are completely irrational. So in short, I am notifying you beforehand that any more asinine comments like this one will not be approved, and might not even be read in their entirety, but simply just deleted without further reply. Thank you for understanding, and for instead making an effort to provide an INFORMED and RATIONAL discourse if you plan to engage us further on these subjects. 🙂 Stated another way, it is important to do your homework before discussion issues about which you are obviously less familiar than you falsely assume:

      ** Proverbs 18:13 13 He who answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame to him.

      ** Proverbs 26:16 The lazy man is wiser in his own eyes than seven men who can answer sensibly.

      Lastly, if you wish to criticize our candidate, please have the intellectual honesty to ALSO make mention of WHO YOU PREFER instead. That way, we can better understand your viewpoint and sources of information (i.e., in order to expose false political propaganda). Of course, it also means that we will be in a good position to analyze your choice in order to see which of us has TRULY been the “drinking Kool-Aid” of falsities and deceit. 😉

      BTW-1: We initially didn’t take Donald Trump’s campaign seriously. However, we researched Donald Trump for about three months, watching videos dating back 25+ years, researching articles, his history, etc. I even read his The Art of the Deal book in its entirety. All of this was done in addition to studying his positions and listening to his speeches/interviews. So to assume (as you did fallaciously) that we somehow “believe” in Mr. Trump simply because of what he said, is ludicrous. We SPECIFICALLY made the effort to DISPROVE his claims, but instead kept discovering that they were sincere (i.e., even if not always 100% accurate, at least he wasn’t lying). We also do not agree with him on every point he makes, but do about ±90% of the time.

      BTW-2: We used to support Ted Cruz very strongly, but no longer do. You will find a VERY detailed explanation why that is the case underneath Donna’s first article. So be sure to look for that too, while you study that page here. As you will see, our change of mind was due to having conducted serious investigation of the man and his past and present, much of which indicates his probable future plans.

      BTW-3: It is ALSO important to stay ON TOPIC, so if your beef is about Donald Trump mainly, then make your comments under the OTHER article. This one is primarily about Melania. 🙂

      Thank you for taking the time to post a comment. Again, next time, please be sure to take the time to do some research beforehand and THEN make a rational effort to substantiate your claims. As you can see from this reply of mine (and our research on the other article’s page), we have done OUR homework and know full well that we are NOT drinking any “Kool-Aid.”

      Nevertheless, I’m starting to wonder if you have been sipping on such a “beverage” as it has been served by others. People who resort to fallacies as quickly as you have, tend to be easy prey for “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” who can often be religious-looking candidates and not just false preachers.

      Always in Jesus,


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