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In case my regular readers have wondered where I have been of late, I have been working on a new financial website that approaches the topics of economics and personal finances from a purely biblical approach. Let me begin with the launch announcement that I posted over on, and then I will share a few additional details afterwards with my readers:



New Financial Website Launched



I wanted to post a quick article for the benefit of all the advocates of our project. I thought you might very pleased to be informed that I have opened up a new “front” in our ongoing efforts to propagate truth that will help people.

As you all already know, the so-called “prosperity preachers” have taught only a partially-biblical message through the years. This has, of course, grossly distorted what the Bible really teaches on the subjects of economics and personal finances in the minds of all those affected thereby.

Worse yet, some have gone so far as to call their teaching a “gospel” though it is surely NOT one, according to Galatians chapter one. (And Kenneth Copeland was the first among this latter group.) Unfortunately, that qualifies this latter group of “ministers” as heretics, which is a truly distressing fact for both their sakes and for those people they affect. Even the late Kenneth E. Hagin became concerned about this fact.

In a way, the current economic problems have gone a long way towards helping the Body of Christ “wake up” about the nature of these errors. As real incomes have dropped and people have lost their jobs, many long-time “prosperity” adherents have begun to wonder, “Where’s my ‘one-hundredfold return’ on my giving to these ‘ministries’?” And whenever any of them add up all the “seed” that they have “sown” to these wolves and do the math, they begin to realize that they were deceived. The “ravening wolves” surely appreciated the contributions into supporting their lavish lifestyles, but those of us who have realized that we were defrauded do NOT appreciate it one bit.

So thus, the current economic crisis has actually served to expose the erroneous teaching of these frauds for what it really is. My continuing concern, however, is the many “new” people who are hurting from this crisis, and who may think that these wolves are offering them “hope” and a way to secure their financial futures. We need to keep exposing truth and preaching an honest Gospel, if we are to help these people properly discern such pitfallsand avoid them.

However, it is one thing to criticize or complain about such error. It is another thing entirely to combat the teaching of “wolves” with sound biblical truth on the topics of personal finance and economics.

So in celebration of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, I have just finished months of hard work on a new website that does just that. is now launched just in time to celebrate Christmas—and hopefully in time to help many people suffering from the effects of the ongoing global financial meltdown. Over the course of 2011 and beyond, I trust that this website will prove to be a valuable asset to the Body of Christ.

Preliminary peer-reviews from other ministers and Christian business people have been very positive and encouraging. Moreover, their suggestions helped to refine the content even further. Though there are still a few “bugs” here and there to be worked out (which are my fault alone), and more content yet to be written, my key peer-reviewers believe that there is enough solid teaching on that website to bring a true biblical light to the important topics of economics and personal finance.

I hope you all will find the time during this Christmas season to examine this new website. Please also share it with as many people as you can, for that is how our many advocates can help to spread truth on that front as well.

I would also appreciate your prayers for that project for there is still much work to do. I need lots of wisdom and grace to continue developing that project to its utmost potential.

Blessings to all those who love Our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. And a very Merry Christmas to you all, and may your New Year be filled with God’s love and wisdom.


Always in Jesus,

-Rev. Rich Vermillion

Now, in addition to the details above, let me note here that I will have a much broader scope on that new financial website than the merely subjects of Kenneth Copeland and other errant “prosperity preachers.”

That website already addresses topics like job destruction within the USA, the destruction of the value of both the U.S. dollar and other world currencies, and other such economics-related topics. In fact, the Organic Economics teaching on that website is actually an online book that I am still developing, and offering for free to whosoever desires to be better informed about today’s financial crises.

In short, the scope of this new website is MUCH bigger than KC and his possé of religious frauds. It is truly designed to help people as they seek to navigate the dangerous economic turmoil within the world today.

Additionally, I will be eventually be addressing within the “Op-Ed” section of the website issues related to certain nefarious figures such as Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke; Nobel laureate, economic fraud apologist, and New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman; and many others.

Of course, I will also highlight economic “heroes” on there that have endeavored to promote sound economic and fiscal policies. I will also teach economic truths in the light of God’s Word in that section regarding many current events, and illuminate sound biblical teaching regarding personal finances as well.

Unfortunately, let me note briefly here that I will also have to address within that site’s Op-Ed section a few of today’s popular Christian financial authors that are shockingly and dangerously wrong in their advice to their Christian-based audiences. Some may even be fraudulent as well. However, I will not YET publicize these Christian names here, because I should accompany such statements with evidence and appropriate commentary.

I will also draw attention to godly and biblically sound Christian authors/personalities as well.

So if you want to be informed of such matters as I have outlined above, I would recommend that you sign up for the free Feedburner™ email notification service on that website. That way you can be promptly notified  whenever new Op-Ed articles are posted on there—covering a wide array of topics. You will find the “sign up” box in the right most column on

Not surprisingly, my family and I are very excited about this project. (Partly because I can slow down a little and they can see me again!) We sincerely hope that you will take advantage of all that free teaching yourself, so that our labors would not be in vain.

Obviously, all my NEW financial articles will be on from now on. From this point forward, will concentrate mostly on evangelism; teaching good theology; illuminating points of eschatology; and occasionally addressing geopolitical issues as well. (Though a side comment or two on economics or personal finance is still remains highly likely.)  😉

So go ahead and click over to the new website and take a look.

To read the comments by other ministers and Christian business leaders about this project, click here or upon the link within the “Accolades for TheWisdomOfGold” in the first right column of that website.

Feel free to pop back over here to this announcement and post a comment or two after you review the other website.


Always in Jesus,

-Rev. Rich Vermillion


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  1. Thanks for the update on the new website. I don’t think that most Christians still know about the frauds perpetrated right under their own noses in the church about the “Prosperity Gospel.” But with the economy the way it is it won’t be long before they are awake.

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