Robert Kiyosaki on Gold, Currencies, and the US Economic Collapse

This is a “must-watch” educational supplement to the other information available on this website. The video below is both informative and timely, especially given the current global and US economic conditions (please note the Financial News feed to the far right of your browser window).

Just in case you are not familiar with the man, however, the following biographical excerpt might help shed some light on who he is before you watch the clip:

Robert Kiyosaki is an investor, businessman and best-selling author. His books, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant, and Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing are all best sellers. His ventures have allowed him to retire early, and his teachings are followed all around the world….

In 1985 Robert Kiyosaki founded an education company that taught business and investing to thousands of students all over the world which proved very successful. In 1994 he retired at the age of 47. Even after retirement Robert continued with real estate and business investments, and wrote the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which hit bookstores in 1997.

…Robert has since written four more bestsellers under the “Rich Dad” brand and to date has sold more than 12 million books (in 29 different languages)….

Robert Kiyosaki has a profound message for those wanting to improve their financial lives. That message is: “With every dollar in your hand, you have the power to choose to be rich, poor or middle class.”

(You may read the above full biography online by clicking here. Moreover, Robert’s best-selling books and the Rich Dad Advisor Series books are all over Amazon and in virtually any bookstore.)

In addition to the biographical information above, let me note here that Robert Kiyosaki professes to be a Christian. (However, please also note that his profession does not prove that he is a Christian; I have not been able to personally confirm that he is truly born again.) He has described himself as a Presbyterian and occasionally references Scripture within his books. Beyond the testimony of his own public profession, however, the following video will readily attest that Robert seems to have a firm grasp of both the biblical and economic ramifications of the current financial trends:

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Blessings to you, as you pursue and obey God’s plan for your life.

-Rich Vermillion

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  1. Great Post Mr. Vermillion, I was searching online about the backgrounds of the authors I read and found this one to be informative. We should be careful of what we read if it ain’t agreeing with God’s word..

    • Thank you, Dequarius. I appreciate the feedback.

      I should probably note that I do NOT know if Robert Kiyosaki is a Christian or not, but do I rather doubt that he is. He does claim to be Presbyterian, but so do active members of the Skull and Bones satanic secret society (e.g. George Herbert Walker Bush). So in and of itself, that means nothing. Plus, Kiyosaki tends to hang out with some very strange characters, Donald Trump in particular. So while I do wholeheartedly agree with Kiyosaki that precious metals are “God’s money,” I want to be clear that I am specifically saying that in reference to the God of the Bible (the ONLY True God). I cannot say if Kiyosaki is truly expressing that same sentiment or not, as there is reason to suggest that he may actually be a Freemason (which, if true, would make him a Masonic Deist, and not a Christian).

      My new financial blog at details far more of my thoughts regarding economics and personal finance. It is founded upon the Bible itself preeminently, with a secondary “layer” of archeology and sound monetary science built upon that sure “rock” of revelation of God’s Word (Matthew 7:24-28). A few of the Op-Ed articles do not cite much Scripture specifically, because those were intended for replication widely through other channels. However, they are (on my part) firmly founded upon the Scriptures too, and do reference the main portions of the website; this includes the Organic Economics™ section, which is FULL of biblical references. (The articles on that website are also more recent that this post about Kiyosaki.)

      For a more comprehensive idea of how I approach theology in general (to include economic theology), I do highly recommend that you read my post Four Characteristics of Sound Doctrine here on

      Thank you again for popping by and offering your feedback, Dequarious.

      Always in Jesus,


    • Oh, and let me quickly add another quick note about Kiyosaki: He is hanging around quite a bit with Mormons, so I really do DOUBT that Kiyosaki has EVER been born again. I have studied the website of Michael Maloney, who is Kiyosaki’s main “advisor” [sic] on bullion. However, his firm vaults their bullion in Salt Lake City, Utah (and elsewhere). Also, Kiyosaki has been a guest on Glenn Beck’s “GBTV” Mormon show.

      So I reason that either Robert Kiyosaki is blatantly ignorant about Mormonism; or more likely, since he hangs with several different types of strange people, that Robert has NEVER been born again, and his “Presbyterian” label means nothing more to him than a pseudo-Christian “fig leaf” by which he hides his true spiritual condition.

      Always in Jesus,


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